Sunday, March 21, 2010

Learning to blog.

Well, here I go my first blog. I have been wanting to start one for a long time. Actually I have been encouraged to start a blog. I do not know if the people I e-mail really like my writing, or think I write e-mails that are too long!

Why the name Blue Ribbons and Chocolate Ganache? My passions are entering baked goods in the California State fair and volunteering at pastry competitions. I wake up thinking of chocolate creations to make. I would start talking about them at my work and I would see me co-workers rolling their eyes as if to say, "There she goes again." So I would tell them I did not have a significant other or prince charming to dream about, I dream about chocolate ganache.

I have been entering baked goods in the state and county fairs for about 20 years. I try to find blogs of other people who like to enter things in the fairs and have not been able to find one. So maybe this blog will put me in touch with some people who like to do that also.

I have been a volunteer twice at chocolate competitions put on by Michael Schneider of Chocolatier Magazine. I first saw the contest on tv and then went to see it in Las Vegas. It is thrilling to be with people who have the same passions that I do..
When I was there I saw lots of people in white chefs coats. I learned that some of them were students at a 5 day forum held before the contest. The others were volunteers helping set up the contest and assisting the instructors for the classes. Two years later I was helping at the forum and contest in Phoenix. I had never driven that far befoe by my self and I was really proud of myself.

Then two years later I volunteered again. This time they moved to Nashville Tennessee. I drove there also. That was quite an achevement for me since I did it alone and I am in my seventies.

I hope to share my thoughts about doing things at the fair, and my upcoming train trip to Florida to help out at the National Pie Contest. I intend to write while I am on the way. It will take me 5 days to get to Florida from California.

I am also a student in the pastry program at my local community college. I hope to post about that also. If anyone reading this would like to comment on their experiences in baking please comment. Jennine

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  1. How nice to hear about your hobby! Have fun in Florida! Hugs to your grandchildren. Cherie